Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If Park Was a Cat, He'd be a Goner

It is very odd to have such a detail oriented, inquisitive child when my own parents were always able to Christmas shop right in front of me, while I remained completely oblivious. To say Park and I are night and day would be an understatement.

Of course, the second half of Park's DNA comes from the man that asks more questions than the Why Guy himself, so this gene should not have come as a real shock. I sometimes lovingly refer to this charming characteristic as nosy or stalkerish. Chris, however, believes that it is mere curiosity.

I'll let you be the judge....

Each day Park sits at the front window and waits around 5:00 PM. When a white truck pulls up next door, he gleefully announces, "Tommy home!" followed closely with, "Where Nessa? She walk Bella? I touch her?" Translation: He stalks out my neighbor, his wife, Vanessa and their dog, Bella.

When I reach for the phone, he instantly asks, "Who callin', Mommy? Callin' Lolli? Is that Cha-Cha? I talk to her?" Translation: He stalks my phone calls to Mom and Sis.

When I make the slightest step toward the kitchen, I often hear, "What ya cookin', Mommy? I push buttons?" Translation: He stalks my culinary endeavors of slaving over a hot microwave.

And heaven forbid I should do something out of the ordinary, like throw caution to the wind and shop for groceries at Kroger v/s our usual Wallyworld...."Where are we Mommy? Where Wal-mart? I NEED go to Wal-mart!" Translation: He stalks my brand loyalty.

Have I mentioned he is a very aware creature of habit?

Perhaps the most embarrassing happened this past Sat. night at church. Chris was baptizing, so instead of having Park wait outside with Daddy, I brought him into the restroom with me. Now, I should have seen this coming because he is quite inquisitive of bathroom habits in the comfort of our home.

In a VERY loud voice in the VERY crowded bathroom, he begins the interrogation.

" You tee-tee or pooh pooh, Mommy? I see it? Why you not put booty on potty, Mommy? I SEE TEE-TEE! Waterfall, Mommy! No pooh-pooh? Why you not pooh-pooh, Mommy? I flush it?"

A lesser woman may have wished the toilet would just swallow her whole rather than walk out and face the other snickering bathroom inhabitants. I, on the other hand, decided to use this situation as a teachable moment and launched into a dissertation on the politics of potty etiquette.

OK-so I'm not exactly telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

There WAS a brief "please swallow me, potty" moment followed by some waiting in the stall until everyone departed, but I did suggest we talk about such issues in a more private setting or at the very least in our "inside voices".

There might be a reason that curiosity killed the cat, folks.

In all seriousness, there are some wonderful things about being inquisitive and keenly aware of all that goes on around you. Park remembers the name of anyone he comes into contact with. He is superb at reminding me of things I might otherwise forget. Also, it is so rewarding to teach him because he is like a little sponge, starving for information, and very willing to spill out all he knows.

Not to mention he makes a great partner when playing Memory.

God is constantly using Chris' skill set in both his job as a pastor and his role in our family. His ability to organize, categorize, ask the tough questions, remember details, and so much more are all being utilized strategically by the One who gave him those characteristics in the first place. Hubby's constant curiosity to learn more and desire to be better is what drives him directly into the arms of the All-Knowing, Almighty Father. And being a smaller version of his father, I can hardly wait to see how God uses Park for His glory, as well.

Please remind me of this the next time you overhear us in a public restroom.


Christy said...


Mine fight over who is going to wipe me.

I promise I don't let them, but they still do it!

Nat said...

Oh my! That post actually made me laugh out loud!! Park sounds totally adorable... Oh, and thanks for the sweet, sweet comment you left over at my blog, I would love to have your email and message you sometime. xxx

Anonymous said...

This one rolls me, Brit. And, knowing the Parkster as I do... well, I totally get it. Cracks me up! Your ability to portray it (so well) really puts a spin on it. Ah... another stalker in your life. (You grew him!!!)
Phyl Phyl
aka The Pig

Sun said...

OH I have one of these two - she is just like her are such a gifted writer and a precious mommy. I love to read this blog - it makes me giggle and truly love being a mommy - I tend to focus on the negatives, but slowly through reading words from other mommys I am learning how to look at the challenges from a different perspective - thank you for that! Sunshine

KirkKrew said...

I saw that your mom is Lolli too. That's what my girls call my mom. :) Too cute! I didn't know there was another one out there.

Ann said...

This sounds like my 3 year old....only he wants to know "where my privates are" and why I'm not going "potty with my privates!!!" All this in a LOUD voice to be heard by those around.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Too, too funny! We need to see Park soon so we can be entertained!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

And that's why you need to give up and sit on the seat, Brit! He won't be able to see you pee and announce it to the world.

I'm just sayin'.

And are you still wiped out from shopping for me today? I am very sorry and promise to make this up to you when I have two feet again!! Love you!