Saturday, October 13, 2007

Let's Help Tech Eat Some Red Dirt

Please do not let me down on national television today, my beloved Aggies.

Our neighborhood is filled with Red Raider alumni, all with their guns up and aimed at our house in the event you don't pull out this win. And seriously, do you want to be responsible for the stroke Chris could have if he yells at the TV anymore than he already has this football season?

How about we make this victory evident from the start? It is really not at all necessary to allow Texas Tech to put any points on the board. No second half cardiac comebacks or last second field goals that have me pulling out my hair and biting off fingernails. Don't make me prove I bleed Maroon, please.

Bald and bloody is just not a good look for me.

Not to mention I am equally concerned that it could cause Big Mama to overdose on chocolate syrup. And frankly, I just like her blog too much to lose her.

So, put your hearts in it, make us all proud and above all else, do the opposite of whatever Coach Fran tells you to do.

Remember, if you need any help, Park has been ready and willing to go in since birth.



Autumn said...

aw britt, i so wish i could muster up some aggie support for ya :P good thing i don't have tv b/c i may be compelled to actually bond with team and then perhaps end up bald and bloody myself. love you guys. no stroking out, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Is it cliche' to say we'll get them next year? Painful to watch...


Cindi said...

It's amazing how loyal I can be to a team I never really thought much about until you came into my life....Now, it's like!..."turn on the news to see how they did."
So sorry my precious D.I.L. they will overcome, so fly your Aggie flag high!
Momma C

Liz*** said...

It was too awful to watch. My honey had to run for the remote and turn it off for the last quarter before he vomitted. I wanted this one more than tu! UGH...disgust!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

what a cute picture!