Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Return to the Straight and Narrow

Because many of you reading this know me from Sarah's (In the Midst of It) blog anyway, I have taken it upon myself to be your source for dissemination of somewhat timely information on project "Recreate Sarah's Toe", otherwise known as her recovery from surgery. (If your not sure what I'm talking about, go here)

In case you felt like she left you hanging by letting the surgery report overshadow the pre-op update, I feel the need to mention that it went very smoothly, as no shirtless chest X-rays took place and clothes were encouraged at all times.

Let's take a moment to breathe a collective sigh of relief on her behalf.

Bridget and I have been racking our brains on how we can make life run a little smoother for her during this time of toe trauma. Covering some meals for her is one thing we've come up with and the day before surgery was my shift. I arrived to find an immaculate house, as she had hobbled through some vacuuming earlier in the afternoon. I also found out later that she cleaned each bath and did laundry just hours before the surgery commenced.

Seriously, the girl is beyond our help. She needs to visit a Domestic Diva Counseling Service. My only hope is that she took some hydrocodone before eating the meal I brought because I, too, need, that counseling service, but for very different reasons.

While I was there I got to see some of her newest sewing projects and let's just say I'm once again feeling skeptical of how I will fare at "Sewing Night", capital letters or not. At least she promises chocolate chip cookies EVERY time we meet. At this point, it is what keeps me hanging on.

As for the actual surgery, I am thankful her pinkie has been returned to it's rightful place on her foot and she is recovering beautifully. And that no amputations were necessary. However, Sarah did make history as the first patient to have ever been told, "No Ma'am, I'm sorry, but you may not take your knitting into the O.R."

(OK-so I made that last part up, but it would not surprise me if they had to surgically separate her from her beloved projects.)

I'm certain your prayers during these next few weeks of healing are greatly appreciated. I know Sarah well enough to know she will rise to the challenge of caring for three kids while crutching around, but it can't be easy. (although I must admit I'm jealous of the whole maid service thing) Please feel free to leave some encouraging comments for her to read at the bottom of this post.

And now I leave you with:


-lovingly written for the purpose of keeping her sense of humor in tact post surgery

You once were intent on the straight and narrow road,
Yet, one swift blow and you decide to be bowed?

You've been Sarah's faithful and trusted companion,
Through many miles walked, never did you abandon.

How could you have turned on her in such a bad way,
Forcing her into surgery and demanding she pay?

You deserve for the surgeons to put you in your place,
Carefully making sure your bend they erase.

Today I rejoice that no longer do you bow,
And my precious friend Sarah can continue to sew.

Rest up and feel better, sweet friend!


Anonymous said...

Ok Brittani, I am rolling here in Austin..I think you have a gift my sweet friend:) Miss you!

Lori said...

I've been keeping up through Brittani's blog. I hope your pinky toe gets better. Dustin's toe looked just like that last March, but he ended up not needed surgery, just tape. It must have not been a total break for him. I'm jealous that y'all are learning to sew. I know you girls will have a blast doing that.

Bev said...

Hello sweet Brittani, I'm just sitting here realizing everything about you is lovely, even the spelling of your name for pete's sake! Very cute post, very sweet friend you are, I would have sent meals but the postage and the fact that everything would have spoiled by the time it made the 1200 mile journey left me to an only choice of sending maid service, which I'm a bit jealous of too. And repeat after, me: I CAN SEW, not I can sew perfectly, but I CAN SEW, you're all going to do just great and have such a fun time in the middle of it all. Hugs,Bev PS Yes, we're headed to TX middle of November, for 10 days, so it better be pretty with a few leaves turning by then. I'm all for extending fall as long as possible.

Kelly said...

What a sweet friend you are to bring meals and keep Sarah smiling:-)

Thanks for the update and good luck on Sewing Night! Can't wait to hear how it goes... although anything with chocolate chip cookies is sure to be a success, right?

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Brit, you are one crazy girl! Don't hate me because I forgot to link to you today--the hydrocodone is doing strange things to me. And I found out today no driving or walking on my foot for FOUR WEEKS. So you may be called upon to write another ode to me; I think I'm going to need some cheering up! I love you :)

Mom22Boyz said...

I learned about your post from Sarah's and enjoy reading both of yours everyday! I am amazed at what Sarah accomplishes along with raising three kids!! I broke my toe when I was about 12 while stepping into a hottub -- however, it DID NOT go the opposite direction! I hope Sarah feels better. What a great friend she has in you!

Ann said...

You obviously are a wonderful friend to compose such a wonderful 'ode and keep us posted on dear Sarah's toe.

Judith said...

Oh Sarah,

With our saviour close by you, and friends like this right down the road, and your Mom arriving, You're gonna be just fine, but I will keep on praying for all of you.

Becky said...

Brittani,I loved your Ode to Sarah! And your sweet blog. I'm sure I'll visit again.
(love the black background too)
I'm so glad Sarah has such wonderful friends since her bloggy ones aren't near by to help her. : )