Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In Need of Miracle Grow

I never realized how fond I am of trees until we suddenly don't have any.

Growing up in a small town in Southeast, Texas, trees were as plentiful as shopping is here in DFW. And I'm not talking about feathery little willows that try and pass themselves off as trees, either. We had massive Oaks and Pines that flavored the aroma of our backyard.

Some of mine and Challi's favorite childhood memories revolve around the leaf houses we built with simple pine needles and our vivid imaginations. We would painstakingly arrange the outline of a house and play in each room for hours on end.

OK-I already mentioned it was a small town, folks, so give us a break, already:)

As much as I love our new home, I'm not fond of the strange thinking that modern day builders seem to have. Cut everything down to squeeze as many properties as humanly possible into one spot. Even though we were fortunate enough to build on some land (or at least what city folk would think of as wide open space), I miss the beauty of trees and the serenity they bring.

So you can imagine my delight when Chris and Park came home with a truck full of special leafy surprises. They worked all day on planting these treasures and wouldn't let me outside until the final digging was done. At one point, Park ventured into the house for lunch, and I asked him if I could come outside yet.

"No, Mommy, not ready yet. Just the boys," he informed me.

After much anticipation, here is the first one I saw upon stepping foot out the back door:

Not exactly what I had in mind.

Thankfully many of the other trees were a little bigger and somewhat more impressive, but let's just say Park might be a Grandpa by the time he can build a leaf house.

However, what might rank among his favorite childhood memories are the hours spent working in the backyard that special afternoon, while sharing in the company of his beloved Daddy.

Upon changing my initial reaction to these leafy impostors, the beauty of our tiny trees begins to loom large as I think of them growing alongside my precious son. Just as they will develop and mature, Park will also grow and change during the years that we call this house our home.

With a little pruning, lots of love, and devoted attention, these trees will someday become something that God, Chris and I are proud to call our own. It is our prayer that Park will continue to do the same.

And suddenly, I'm in no hurry for our trees to grow up, at all.


Kelly said...

This is beautiful!

Becky said...

Great post.
I'm the same way. I need a tree or two near by...
I feel sorry for folks in tree-less subdivisions. I'm really thankful for two big oaks. Not so thankful for a palm tree that drives me crazy though.

raenette said...

Isn't it sad that the builders cannot see the beauty in trees. Of course I live in an area where we have beautiful oaks among us and then you drive into San Antonio and see the city life. I think it isn't the trees that made that day special. I think it was watching a little boy work with his daddy to do something so special for his mom. What a role model Park has in his life. That is so awesome! And even though I have the huge oaks, well, who doesn't miss the tall pines that we grew up with!

Kelly said...

I feel you on the trees. I wanted a new house - but I wish we had old trees. I want big old magnolia trees in our front and back yards - but I'm thinking that would be odd in a new subdivision.
Hope your trees grow fast but your little boy doesn't!

Anonymous said...

We really need some trees in our back yard, too. I tried to transplant some, but ALAS! no luck there. More importantly, I feel the same as you in your desire for your little one to grow up a little more slowly. I'm honored that God chose us to raise two boys into strong, godly men.. . . but not so fast, please ;)