Friday, October 19, 2007

Monkey Business

Upon hearing a large crash in the playroom, I raced in to discover this:

Obviously, my precious Park was forced to play with curtains, since he clearly has no toys to entertain him.

When I saw which book was by his head, though, I began to put the pieces together. And after hearing his explanation, my suspicions were confirmed. He simply said, "I monkey like George, Mommy. I swing from tree."

And how could I argue with that logic?

Gotta love old Curious George.


Kelly said...

Nothing makes a mama race like a crash from upstairs:-)

What cute reasoning skills he has!

Tricia said...

I see you did what every good blogging mother does when faced with this type of raced for your camera.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brittani-

Just wanted to let you know that I recently found your blog thru my friend's blog (Mommy Brain) and I am GREATLY enjoying reading about you and your family. Thanks also for your frank discussion on "stones of significance" that we build ourselves up on. I know God intended me to read that. I need to print it out and review it daily-

Chrys and Mike said...

Oh, made me laugh aloud. So glad you got pics. Priceless.

Park needs to listen to the kids during the PBS breaks from Curious George...the ones that say, "George is a monkey and he can do things we can't do."

I always hope that disclaimer is registering in Oliver's mind when he watches George doing dangerous things like driving off in unattended construction equipment or letting zoo animals out of their cages.


raenette said...

Oh my goodness, that is TOO funny. WOW! It sounds like you have a very creative child on your hands. That is Awesome! Children are the BEST gift from God because they can always make us laugh when we need it the most.

steffj said...

My youngest ripped a brand new curtain rod out of the wall(along with the brand new curtains) and when I asked what he thought he was doing his response with all the 2 y.o. attitude he could muster was "I Tarzan MAMA" yeah that explains it all....but mine were the living room curtains...I have decided to remain curtainless until he's at least understanding enough to not swing from them anymore.